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Press Releases

2019.02.11 MPC Theatre Company presents Romeo & Juliet

2019.01.31 MPC Theatre Company presents The Desperate Hours

2018.07.18 MPC Theatre Company presents The Fantasticks

2017.10.16 MPC Theatre Company presents Present Laughter 

2017.07.11 MPC Theatre Company presents 20,000 Leagues Under the Seas

2016.04.07 MPC Theatre Company presents The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe

2016.04.07 MPC Theatre Company presents As You Like It

2016.07.01 MPC Theatre Company presents Evita

2016.04.12 MPC Theatre Company presents Scapin

2015.06.18 MPC Theatre Company presents Sweet Charity

2015.01.22 MPC Theatre Company presents The All Star MPC Follies

2014.04.25 MPC Theatre Company presents 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee

2014.04.03 MPC Theatre Arts Department presents Heaven and Hell on Earth

2014.03.05 MPC Theatre Company presents The Taming of the Shrew

2013.11.01 MPC Storybook Theatre presents Huck Finns Story

2013.10.01 MPC Theatre presents You Can't take it with You

2013.07.18 MPC Theatre presents Les Misérables

2013.05.10 MPC Theatre presents Light Up the Sky

2013.02.08 MPC Storybook Theatre presents Cinderella

2012.09.15 Barefoot in the Park at Bruce Ariss Wharf Theatre

2012.06.15 Cabaret at Bruce Ariss Wharf Theatre

2012.04.21 MPC Storybook Theatre: Little Women

2012.03.15 The Musical of Musicals (The Musical)

2012.01.20 The Ant and The Grasshopper

2012.01.13 MPC Announces 2012 Season

2011.10.25 Snow Queen

2011.09.03 Comedy of Errors with Carmel High School Drama Department

2011.06.17 Once Upon a Mattress with Forest Theater Guild

2011.09.03 Grease with Carmel High School Drama Department

2011.04.22 Pixies, Kings and Magical Things

2011.02.15 Funny Girl

2010.11.15 A Taffeta Christmas

2010.09.30 Art

2010.08.08 RENT ASL Show

2010.07.24 RENT

2010.04.24 Beyond Therapy

2010.02.19 Anything Goes


Press Coverage

2016-11.09  MPC brings Shakespeare into the age of the smartphone (review) 
 - Monterey Herald (Mark Shilstone-Laurent)

2016-11-09  MPC Theatre's new department chair updates Shakespeare for the Internet era
 - Monterey County Weekly (Ivan Garcia)

2016-11-06  As You Like It (review)
 - Performing Arts Monterey Bay (Philip Pearce)


2016-10-12  David Kersnar is ready to reinvigorate theatre at MPC 
 - Monterey Herald (Marcos Cabrera)


2016-08-30  David Kersnar Becomes Interim Theatre Department Chair at MPC 
 - Monterey Herald (
Claudia Melendez)

2016-07-21  Don't Cry for Gary Bolen, Monterey Peninsula
 - Monterey County Weekly (Walter Ryce)

2016-07-21  Gary Bolen Takes a Bow with the Personal Politics of Evita
 - Monterey County Weekly (Walter Ryce)


2016-07-13  Evita at MPC serves as farewell for Director Gary Bolen
 - Monterey Herald (
Marcos Cabrera)


2015-13-18  Jungle Book Swings into MPC Theatre
 - Salinas Californian (Joe Truscott)


2014-11-01   Dracula
 - Performing Arts Monterey Bay (Philip Pearce)


2014-10-30 MPC Theatre's Dracula sinks teeth fro two weeks
 - Coast Weekly (Walter Ryce)


2014-07-21 Oklahoma!
 - Performing Arts Monterey Bay (Philip Pearce)


2014-05-15 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee
 - Performing Arts Monterey Bay (Philip Pearce)


2014.03.19 Shakespeare’s The Taming of the Shrew still gets a lot of exposure
 - Performing Arts Monterey Bay (Philip Pearce)


2013.08.17 Do You Hear the People Sing? (Les Miserables)
- Performing Arts Monterey Bay (Scott MacClelland)


2013.05.18 Light Up script, not the production, still needs work (Light up the Sky)
 - Performing Arts Monterey Bay (Philip Pearce)


2013.05.09 MPC Theatre returns to renovated Morgan Stock Stage with 'Light Up the Sky'
 - Monterey Herald (Marc Cabrera)



2012.04.12 Silly Sourcery The Musical of Musicals (The Musical!) gets ambitious with mixed results.

- Coast Weekly (Walter Ryce)


2012.04.12 The Musical of Musicals (The Musical!) at Bruce Ariss Wharf Theater

- Coast Weekly


2012.04.09 Mmm...

 - Arts Alive Blog (C. Kevin Smith)


2012.04.04 'The Musical of Musicals' brings the work of five different Broadway composers to the Wharf Theater

 - Monterey Herald (Lily Dayton)


2011.11.03 Young heroine triumphs in stage adaptation of Hans Christian Andersen's 'The Snow Queen'

 - Monterey Herald (Lily Dayton)


2011.07.07 'Once Upon A Mattress' a True Summertime Treat

- Monterey Herald (Kevin Smith)


2011.06.23 MPC Theatre Shares its History in Graffiti Before the Walls Come Down

 - Monterey Herald (Lily Dayton)


2011.05.05 MPC Theatre Offers Magical Production Before Renovation (Pixies, Kings and Magical Things)

- Monterey Herald (Lily Dayton)


2011.04.07 MPC Theatre begins a season on the road with a co-production of 'Grease' at Carmel High's new performing arts center

- Monterey Herald (Lily Dayton)


2011.01.27 MPC Theatre Company takes its show on the road this season during massive renovations to main theater

 - Monterey Herald (Lily Dayton)


2010.10.14 MPC’s latest play ponders the definition of Art

- Coast Weekly (Walter Ryce)


2010.08.13 RENT at MPC, its easy to forget this is an institution of learning

- Cedar Street Times (Katie Shain)


2010.08.12 Lack of clarity mars MPC's rendition of Broadway hit 'Rent'

- Monterey Herald (Barbara Shuler)


2010.08.12 Gary Bolen directs local premier of Johnathan Larsons gritty mega-hit Rent

- Coast Weekly (Walter Ryce)


2009.05.13 Accomplished top-notch cast makes good 'Company'

- Monterey Herald (Nathalie Plotkin)


2009.05.13 Couples Therapy: MPC's 'Company' momentarily has its moments

- Coast Weekly (Walter Ryce)


2008.09.18 Appearances can be deceiving in provocative' Fat Pig'

- Monterey Herald (Nathalie Plotkin)


2008.09.11 Neil LaBute's 'Fat Pig' on MPC's studio stage reveals just how many people can squeeze into a relationship

- Monterey Herald (Kathryn Petruccelli)



2008.09.11 MPC attacks obesity issues with Neil LaBute’s sharp and sassy Fat Pig.

 - Coast Weekly (Walter Ryce)


2008.05.15 MPC Theatre Co. delivers entertaining 'Plaza Suite'

- Monterey Herald (Nathalie Plotkin)


2008.05.08 Plaza Suite at Monterey Peninsula College

 - Coast Weekly


2008.05.08 Monterey Peninsula College Theatre Company's production of 'Plaza Suite' makes 11 Neil Simon plays for the company

- Monterey Herald (Kathryn Petruccelli)


2008.04.10  Storybook Theatre closes season with witty, imaginative show

- Monterey Herald (Nathalie Plotkin)


2008.04.03 Storybook Theatre closes book with 'Sir Slob and the Princess'

- Monterey Herald (Staff Reporter)


2008.02.07 'Excalibur: The Story of Young King Arthur' opens at MPC's Storybook Theatre

- Monterey Herald (Kathryn Petruccelli)


2008.02.06 Excalibur: The Story of Young King Arthur at MPC

- Coast Weekly


2007.10.25 Get thee to MPC's rollicking production of 'I Hate Hamlet'

- Monterey Herald (Nathalie Plotkin)


2007.10.18 'I Hate Hamlet' MPC's latest comedic offering plays on the tug of war between stage and screen, east and west

- Monterey Herald (Kathryn Petruccelli)


2007.10.18 I Hate Hamlet Opens at Morgan Stock Stage

- Coast Weekly


2007.09.14 Clear your mind 'An Evening with Suzan-Lori Parks' comprised of 38 short vignettes taken from Parks' '365 Days/365 Plays'

- Monterey Herald (Kathryn Petruccelli)


2007.08.09 MPC's sparkling 'Guys and Dolls' is a joy to behold

- Monterey Herald (Nathalie Plotkin)


2007.05.10 MPC promises a lively version of Pirates of Penzance.

- Monterey Herald (Maureen Davidson)


2006.05.16 Urinetown, an extended pee-pee joke, really is funny.

- Coast Weekly (Ryan Masters)


2006.01.05 Theater companies countywide roll out big seasons

 - Coast Weekly (Ryan Masters)


2005.08.15 Annie for President

- Coast Weekly

2005.05.19 MPC Finds Heat in Shakespeare's Hottest Play (Midsummer)

- Coast Weekly (Ryan Masters)


1998.08.27 MPC Theatre Must Train and Entertain

 - Coast Weekly (Sue Fishkoff)



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